Our Centres and Programmes

MCDT currently operate from two centres, which are based in Fazakerley and (White House Dog Grooming and Small Animals Centre), which is based in Freshfield.


Study Programmes

The study programme framework delivered by Merseyside Career Development consists of your chosen course, which is the main aim, Functional Skills Maths/English/ICT (if necessary), work placement & enrichment/employability. Maths, English and ICT are some of the most valued skills with employers, If you haven’t achieved a grade C or above in GCSE in any of these areas, we will provide you training related to that functional skill, and MCDT will help you to achieve these qualifications. However, if you have achieved a C or above, we will provide you with functional skills development training to help strengthen your knowledge on the subjects as well as up-skill you in them. The study programme is available for 16-18 year olds and the course will run 3 days a week with 1 day placement and 2 days in the college. There is also opportunites for 14-15 year olds to access college programmes. Please ring the centre for further details. 

The Study Programme consists of the following Courses/Activities

•Horse Care/Riding Level 2

•Small Animal Care Entry 3, Level 1/2

•Dog Grooming Level 2/3

•Functional Skills English/Maths/ICT Level 1/2

•Work Placement


The Traineeship will be flexible with the placement being your main aim for at least 2 days a week while on the programme, the rest of the programme will consist of a technical certificate and functional skills. Progression will hopefully lead to an apprenticeship or employment. The traineeship is available for 16-18 year olds.

Traineeship courses include:

•Dog Grooming

•Animal Care

•Horse Care/Riding


Adult Programmes

MCDT adult courses are all linked to employment and all are industry related. All qualifications are industry standard and will support you in the interview process. The classes will develop your skills in the areas that are required for employment within your chosen pathway, and your certificate will support you when applying for employment or a promotion. Please ring the centre for further details / costs.

The Adult Employability courses are open to adults aged 19+

There is a choice of 7 courses:

•Assessor in Vocational Achievement Level 3

•IQA Level 4 Certificate

•Award In Education Level 3

•Learn to Groom your dog (1day course unaccredited)

•Level 2 Assistant Dog Groomers

•Diploma in Dog Grooming Level 3

•Animal Care Entry 3 Level 1 / 2